Young, Anointed and Empowered Project
"Each generation must, out of relative obscurity, discover  its mission, fulfill  it, or betray it."
Franz Fanon
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Y.A.E. Program:
Triumph Book Club

Similar to adults, youths want to know that their lives have value. They want to know that their lives have meaning within the broader context of their lived experience. Amid all the circumstances of life and often overbearing societal issues, adults and youths sometimes experience a psychological disconnect between their belief in their ability to improve or change their reality and actually bringing that improvement and/or change to bear. In other words, they see the need for improvement and/or change, but due to powerful, discouraging factors, they question whether the quest for improvement and/or change is worth it . And, they question if they’re the ones to make it happen. 

Our hope, through the Triumph Book Club experience, is to join youths in exploration of books that expose material and structural issues that oppress individuals, families, and communities. We also intend to identify the multiple forces that combine to influence their worldviews and belief in their ability to affect change. Finally, we endeavor to engage youths in critical dialogue that focuses on God’s place and role in relation to societal issues and self-efficacy; as well as discussion of emerging possibilities as a result of God’s influence on individuals and the subsequent influence of individuals on societal issues.  In short, the aim is to lead youths to the deep, refreshing waters of divine purpose and destiny. We want youths to know that they were created and sent to serve God's purpose in their generation (Acts 13:36); and that fulfillment of their purpose, God's purpose, will improve the human condition.

 Crystal Arrington
Book Club Rationale:
Marcus L. Arrington